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Those who spent time with a lady in return of money are called a male escort. Generally, this happens in high profile hotels and clubs. Sometimes they have to attend more than one client at a time..

Male Escort

Those who works in bars and pubs as male dancer or entertainer are called gigolo. They are generally half naked and sometimes works in strip parties. These are not the professional sex worker but works for some special clients..

Call boy Job

The professional male prostitute is called call boy. These are respectively cheap to hire. They are hired only for sexual activity. These normally work through agencies and through pimps..

Playboy Job

These are not working for money they are only working to enjoy their life. Those are not emotionally attached to any lady but they have sexual relation with more than one lady. They are only looking for sex, not for any other relation.

our clients are top of line business ladies and working ladies, We really respect everyone's personal life and we make sure that it will not effect to anyone's personal life for us.We provide male escort for your rape party and another strip party. Our gigolos are expert in strip shows and hardcore gang bang sex activity. They will try everything to make your party memorable and your night so painful and Our orgasm experts are happy to serve their magical hand and fleshy tongue to leak your pussy.

What we do ..?

We provide Male escort playboy call boy and gigolo service in all measure cities in India. We also attained all kind adult and erotic parties and activities. Our stripers are expert in pole dance and go-go dance.....

Our process

All you need to do is call our agents and obey the instructions. You may have to pay the registration fee, security fee, and other charges to enjoy this service. You may have provided some documents to attained some clients....

About our agents

Our Friendly staffs will assist you in each and every step and will guide you to get good clients. They will make you feel comfortable so that you can discuss your requirement in a better way. So try to follow our agents perfectly for better service....

About our clients

Clients are luxurious and sexy. Some clients are mature but they will pay you more money with respect to another type of clients. Some clients are business personals and may hire you for a party of getting together meetings....